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Chelsie Ayrn @Chelsiearyn: Good girls go to Heaven.. bad girls make you feel like you're in Heaven ~xo @MaximMag #HotPicAtNoon #RT pic.twitter.com/HccgirEv

According to her website, Chelsie Ayrn:

Chelsiearyn is a fulltime model with no boundaries. With her timeless natural beauty and spunky personality she is a like a chameleon able to morph into any look. For a young woman of 19 years of age she comes with strong work ethics and a professionalism rarely found. Chelsiearyn’s ability to pose and connect effortlessly to the camera is every photographers delight.

Located in upstate New York just out of Albany allows Chelsiearyn has easy access to travel to New York City or any location needed around the globe. Chelsiearyn is currently working with modeling agencies in New York under nonexclusive contracts and booking work on her own though this web page with photographers, designers, makeup artist, hair stylist, and companies looking to expand their portfolios and market.