Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether joins Wednesday’s edition of Overtime with Jeff Thurn. 

To hear the conversation with Thurn and Huether, listen below:

Sioux Falls lost the NCAA Tournament's 'First Four' bid to Dayton, Ohio. However, Huether shares what the city might do differently in the future to get men's college basketball NCAA Tournament games: 

Huether: "Well, the NCAA, they are the big dogs. They are like the railroads. Major League Baseball. What they want, they get. And they scrutinize everything from airfares to how many hotel rooms you have to your events center." Thurn: So this was all discussed? Huether: "Oh gosh yes. How rabid your fans are. The attendance. This is all big, big stuff. And as well as, you have to throw in a little money in there as well into the kitty. Well again, we went at it hard. We offered a really good bid and I think the NCAA recognized that. However, in the end, they did decide to stay where they are at. It was interesting how Dayton at the end was so scared of Sioux Falls. They actually brought in their senators, representatives, and governors. They flew in a plane and went to the NCAA to try do what they could do to compete against Sioux Falls. Ultimately, they won. But guess what, we will compete at an even higher level next time, too."

How good does Huether feel about the chances to get NCAA Tournament games on the women's side? 

"Well I think certainly, we've proven to the nation that we know how to do NCAA Division I women's basketball. Our attendance is better than these monster cities across America. We are rabid basketball fans. We love women's basketball. And I like our chances tomorrow. I don't know. That's one they (NCAA) control, too. They don't give out any hidden secrets out on this. We will find out just when everybody does, too. But I like our chances."

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