Michael Bruntz of 24/7 Sports joins Jeff Thurn on Monday's edition of Overtime to discuss the Nebraska Cornhuskers, and Sioux Falls native Nate Gerry. 

Bruntz covers the Huskers for 24/7 Sports. To hear his full interview, LISTEN HERE:

How is Washington (Sioux Falls) standout looking as he head into his sophomore season in Lincoln? 

"He's looking pretty good. He started a few games last year at linebacker for Nebraska as a true freshman. He was playing a little bit undersized there, but this Spring he made the move back to safety which I think is a little bit more of a natural position for him. You know the thing that going into the Spring the safety spot is a little bit of a crowded position. You got a lot of contributors coming back there, but I think he is certainly in the mix with two other players to see quite a few snaps and playing time at the safety spot. So, he is one guy that I will definitely be watching this Fall to see how he has improved over summer and see how he transitions to that position. In Bo Pelini's defense, the safety spot is probably one the most important on the field in terms of how helping out against the run. That was one thing that he showed this Spring, that I thought he really adept at with coming up with supporting the run and also, not afraid to lay a lick on a guy once he got to the ballcarrier."

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