So what's up with our fiscally conservative, pay as you go, neighbor to the east?  As a reformed Minnesotan I've always found this politician very intriguing.  But then again I think a lot of folks do.    Here is the latest on what's being reported about Michele Bachman by

On Thursday a high-level staffer for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's failed presidential campaign issued a press release alleging that Bachmann's finance chairman refuses to pay a number of former staffers because they declined to sign a non-disclosure agreement that "prohibits any discussion of any criminal, moral, and/or unethical behavior witnessed during Mrs. Bachmann's campaign in Iowa." That's a not-quite-veiled allusion, Salon suggests, to allegations that the Bachmann campaign illegally accessed a list of Iowa-area homeschooling families and emailed them solicitations. Bachmann's campaign responded to Waldron's claims by denying them:
"Mr Waldren’s presentation of the facts and related allegations are false and inaccurate. Why Mr Waldren would be motivated to attempt to disparage the Congresswoman, the campaign, or fellow campaign members I can’t explain."
The campaign acknowledged a handful of outstanding invoices, and said that it's paid off "in excess of 90% of [Bachmann's] Presidential Campaign debt," but elided any mention of the non-disclosure agreements it supposedly asked staffers to sign. And, if you read the PR-ese closely enough, the campaign isn't denying any of the allegations — just former Bachmann for President National Field Coordinator Peter Waldron's "presentation" of them.