Xbox Entertainment Studios has a range of content in production, including a series of newly announced documentaries hitting Xbox Live next year.

Microsoft is teaming with production company Lightbox, run by Simon Chinn ('Man on Wire') and Jonathin Chinn ('30 Days'), to bring the original documentary series to its Xbox consoles. First on the docket is the story of Atari's 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,' every copy of which is rumored to have been buried in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The supposed landfill is going to be excavated to see just how much truth there is to the urban legend.

“Our collaboration with Xbox offers an unparalleled opportunity to make a unique series of films around the extraordinary events and characters that have given rise to the digital age,” Simon Chinn told Xbox Wire.

“Our goal is to produce a series of compelling and entertaining docs which will deploy all the narrative techniques of Simon's and my previous work," said Jonathan Chinn. "It's particularly exciting to be partnering with filmmakers like Zak Penn who come to this process from other filmmaking disciplines and who will bring their own distinctive creative vision to this."

The series will be available on Xbox Live all over the world on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Shooting begins in January, so expect it to air sometime later in 2014.