It's been revealed not too long ago that the Xbox One will support independent publishing. But what exactly is the deal with the console and indie games at launch?

An article on Games Industry features an interview with Microsoft Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison. Games Industry's Matt Martin asks him plenty of questions about the future of the Xbox One as it relates to independent games, studios and the ability for them to self-publish.

With regard to when we'll see indie games being published on the Xbox One, Harrison said, "I don't think we're going to see things at launch. I don't think it's realistic to see a developer get the program and build a game and get it into the market on Nov. 22. It's reasonable to expect in early 2014 we'll start seeing the first games come through."

It also turns out that Microsoft has received hundreds, if not thousands, of applications from indie devs in response to their independent publishing plans. Once the qualification process is complete for these devs, they'll receive their dev kits.

Check out the link above to see the full interview with Harrison, as well as some details about Microsoft's philosophy when it comes to digital downloads. Waiting until 2014 for some of those great indie titles will be tough, but at least we know Microsoft is committed to bringing smaller titles into the next generation.