ESPN NFL Writer Mike Sando joined Jeff Thurn on Monday's edition of Overtime. 

Sando (@SandoESPN) is an ESPN Insider NFL blogger and writer. He's covered the NFL since 1998, and is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee.

What has been the most impactful move of NFL free agency?

"I liked how New England sort of sat back and had Darrelle Revis fall into their laps. It seemed like a pretty good move for them, and then, to some degree, I thought Denver being the beneficiary of Dallas' mismanaged cap, and getting a not in his prime, DeMarcus Ware. But I think someone who can still be a big difference maker on a championship caliber team. Those are two really good examples of teams that were already good, and letting the system work for them and coming out ahead."

Revis had 43 total tackles, 11 pass defenses, one sack, two forced fumbles, one fumble recovered, and no interceptions last season for Tampa Bay. Ware, meanwhile, had 28 total tackles, six sacks, one fumble recovered, one interception while playing 13 games in Dallas in 2013.

Are the Denver Broncos making all of their moves based on the possibility of Peyton Manning's window for a championship closing?

"No, I don't think he's going to the front office. Everybody in their front office knows it's a year-by-year, game-by-game situation with Manning as he approaches his 38th birthday. He's had a ton of injuries the last couple of years, well the main one with his neck. But he has serious injury concerns, and every year could be the last. So, I think they know that, and have a done a nice job of signing guys who could help now without really committing to those guys down into the future."

Most overrated move of NFL free agency?

"That's a good question because I don't think there's been a lot of horrible moves. I think Oakland, obviously has, and would stand out in my mind because not just for the Roger Saffold fiasco, but because when they do finally go to spend money, they added a bunch of older players. Does anyone really think that Justin Tuck or LaMarr Houston are going to be factors for them by the time they are good? I understand you have to spend money, and they needed to spend money, but it would sure be nice to spend money on younger guys like, 'oh yeah, the two younger guys you had on your roster, the left tackle and defensive lineman got away,' that didn't seem to be very smart to me."

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