So you want to host a Super Bowl? Sure, just sign these hundreds of documents that say that you will give all revenue to the NFL and provide hundreds of different services.

That's the way it seems to have gone down for Minnesota. Every team that wants to host a Super Bowl probably has to sign the same agreements, but now a "secret" list of demands has been discovered that shows just what it takes to host the game.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune managed to get a hold of the document the NFL makes each host team sign that states all of their demands. While there are some that seem surprising, the one constant (and no surprise) is that the NFL is not responsible for the cost of pretty much anything.

For those interested in tickets, the NFL has set the distribution of tickets to be as followed:

  • Two Participating Teams in Super Bowl - 35% (17.5% each team)
  • Host Team - 5% (Minnesota Vikings)
  • 29 Other NFL Teams - 1.2% Each (34.8% overall)
  • NFL itself - 25.2%
Overall: 100% (notice that nothing says "fan market." No, that doesn't come as a shock).
Other requirements from the NFL for a city to host the Super Bowl include:
  • New Turf for the stadium for the Super Bowl logos to be used ONE TIME (Yep, that's expensive. Can't just paint the logos on for one game. Have to get new turf)
  • Added ATMs that take NFL preferred credit cards (and yes, 100% of convenience fees have to go to the NFL)
  • Two quality bowling facilities. Yes, that isn't a joke.
  • To basically control airport operations and to take over MSP with merchandise. According to the Star Tribune, the airport is fighting against this.
  • Extra police to work all week for the event at no added cost to the NFL.
 While some of these come as not a shock, there are plenty more demands issued by the NFL. The game will bring in a ton of people into the city for the Super Bowl, but hopefully between all the demands the revenue remains to be as profitable as what everyone hopes.
For a full list of the demands, check out the document here.