So you want to be a professional sports official?

Not only do you have players, coaches, and fans screaming at you for three hours, you occasionally catch the wrath of broadcasters as well.

Case in point: Monday's Mavericks - Timberwolves game in the Twin Cities.

Down 100-98 with three seconds left (at the 1:41 mark in the video above), the Wolves run a play for Kevin Love to tie the game at the buzzer.  The shot didn't go, in part, because it looks like Love was fouled on the attempt.

Guess who didn't see a foul?  Any of the three officials.  Game over.

But things were just getting warmed up for Timberwolves radio announcer Alan Horton, who quickly went from impartial third party to raving lunatic after seeing a replay of the final shot.

The next call in Horton's future may be one from the NBA asking him to put a sock in it next time.