A couple of weeks ago, my brother Carl called from Presho, SD and asked if I would like to go to the Twins Home opener. I asked if he had tickets yet and he did. So of course I did what every red blooded American would do. I said Yes!

Turns out he had 2 other tickets. He asked if I had anyone that might want to come along. After a perfect storm of scheduling, it turned out that our oldest son Jake was back in town (Truck Driver) and Logan was able to get out of work for one day and come along too. (Student at Northern State in Aberdeen, SD)

Logan was on the road and cut across from Millbank, SD to Minneapolis. Jake and I were on the road from Sioux Falls. Logan got to the seats about 10 minutes before the first pitch.

I know you won't believe it, but it was almost HOT sitting in the sun Monday in Minneapolis. We were out of the wind and in the sun most of the game. As you can tell, we had excellent seats. 9th row up 3rd base line.

The Twins lost, so that was a bit of a negative on the day. The only other hiccup was with the Twins. Yes they have an awesome ball park in Target Field, but they have some serious issues with the food service in the 3rd base dugout to straighten out.

A 20 minute wait for a hotdog?

Come on, it's opening day. Be ready for a crowd of hungry fans waiting to toss 6 bucks down for a hotdog already.

Other than that, you can see it was an awesome day. Cold beer, Peanuts oh, and a little cotton Candy too. My nephew Ayden thought that was pretty good!