The 2014 Minnesota Vikings season came to an end yesterday, but the opponents for next year have already been set.

Since 2002, the NFL has used a schedule rotation that allows teams to face each other at least every four years. Out of conference teams play once every four years (AFC vs. NFC), while in conference teams at least once every three years (AFC vs.AFC / NFC vs. NFC). Two common opponents are also set from the same conference, that are not the same division facing that year, based on divisional standings from previous season.

The NFC North will face members of the NFC West and AFC West next season. NFC North teams will also host one member of the NFC East, and travel to a team in the NFC South.

With the 3rd place finish in the NFC North, Minnesota will host the New York Giants and travel to Atlanta as part of their common opponents.

Minnesota Vikings 2015 Opponents:

Home: Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Seattle, St. Louis, New York Giants, San Diego, and Kansas City.

Away: Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, San Francisco, Arizona, Carolina, Oakland, and Denver.

The NFL will announce game times and dates as part of their schedule release sometime next April.