The Minnesota Vikings have priced out seats for their upcoming season at TCF Bank Stadium. The Vikings will be moving from a 64,000 seat venue in the Metrodome to TCF Bank Stadium which will expand to hold 52,000.

As expected for season tickets holders, the prices on their tickets will increase with the move to a smaller venue.

The top level ticket for TCF Bank Stadium will run $139 per game for a season ticket, an increase from $133 per game at the Metrodome. The biggest increase in ticket prices will be in the lower level end-zone and corner seats, which has increased by $14 per game.

The upper level tickets at TCF Bank Stadium are met by an increase of roughly $5 per game depending on the section. The benefit for season ticket holders in the upper level will be that they are closer to the action for a few dollars more per game.

The Vikings at this time have not announced if single game tickets will be available in a smaller venue, or ticket prices for single game tickets.