The NFL Draft is still a month away but we are already hearing about different teams interest and dislikes heading into it. Now, the Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer is jumping in on the action.

I've been seeing a lot of my friends on social media talking about these "flags" that Zimmer referenced towards future NFL QB Johnny Manziel. Zimmer made comment about how Manziel's Pro-Day was nothing more than a "sideshow" to the Houston Chronicle, and according to the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, made comments on a Texas radio station about not knowing if Manziel will take the next step to being an NFL quarterback with all the distractions that surround him.

While I think the points that Zimmer made can easily be true, I also think there is a ploy of mind games going on here.

As much as the Vikings are known for letting the clock expire during the draft, they are also known for trying to get other teams to jump while getting what they want.

In the 2012 NFL Draft, Minnesota was sitting at pick three and Rick Spielman convinced Cleveland to jump up one spot in order to get Trent Richardson. Spielman used Tampa Bay as a decoy to make the Browns believe that they were trading. In return, the Vikings still received offensive linemen Matt Kalil, plus they were able to draft Jarius Wright, and Robert Blanton with the extra picks.

Now sitting with the eighth pick, making those types of moves up won't be as easy without giving up a good chunk of their draft picks. Knowing this, the "devalue comments" of Johnny Manziel in the open might be the Vikings way to trying to fool the rest of the league and make him less valuable for the seven teams in front of them.

Why? Easy enough, so they can get him without giving up picks.

It might not actually be the case, but with the comments going PUBLIC and Johnny Manziel being a "top grab" in this draft, it really makes this appear to be more mind games than it does actual thoughts. The Vikings will look to draft a quarterback sometime in the draft, and these comments might just be setting them up to get their guy.

The NFL Draft takes place May 8-10th.

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