Chalk up just another area for complaints. The Minnesota Vikings have announced that they will use the north sideline of TCF Bank Stadium for the next two years, as they say that the change is "best for football."

Because that in itself, is a HUGE problem right? Fans immediately have raised issues with the Vikings saying that they are "screwed" on their tickets for not being on the same sideline with the Vikings.

Season ticket holders have no room to complain. The ticket prices on either sideline, in either seat is $139/game (see chart below). There is no added price to having a Vikings sideline seat in terms of purchasing directly through the Vikings. The issue season ticket holders are having is those that purchased tickets on the south side can't resell their tickets for over double the price on the secondary market just because they aren't the Vikings sideline any more.

Which brings us to anyone who is complaining about purchasing single game tickets on the sideline. If someone purchased the ticket through the secondary market, that person has no right to get upset at the Vikings. That buyer paid extra on seats that are not actually worth more than the others. That should be a debate between the buyer and seller.

It appears to just be another complaint over nothing. Think positively, there's a lot of fun to be had on the visitors sideline. Besides, it's only for a couple of years.

"Fans can be assured that the team will return to the south sideline when the new stadium opens in 2016." - Vikings President of Sales/Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer Steve LaCroix.


If it's "best for football" for the Vikings to switch sidelines, then why wouldn't more fans be accepting of it? If it helps them win more games outdoors, I would think Vikings fans (like myself) would be happy with the move across sidelines.