Minnesota Vikings linebacker Gerald Hodges joins Jeff Thurn on Wednesday's edition of Overtime. 

Hodges (@g_hodges6) is in his second NFL season. He was drafted from Penn State in 2013 by the Vikings and played in 11 games in his rookie season. Hear him talk about the Vikings, and the NCAA allowing the Nittany Lions to compete for championships in 2014 right here:

How different is this year's defensive scheme under new head coach Mike Zimmer?

"It's definitely different. It's a different coach for one. Each one of those guys has a different way of coaching and coach Mike Zimmer is a great guy and is an attack guy. He's aggressive the way he coaches and what he wants out of the players. That's nothing on Coach Frazier, but they are different coaches and two different styles of how to approach different teams. I am excited. Even more excited of what they are doing and they are coming in putting smiles on our faces and ready to go to work each and every day. Were excited about this season and we cannot wait."

Is the Vikings defense more confident heading into Week 2? 

"I wouldn't necessarily we are confident, but we definitely feel we have a great team each week. We trust in our coach and in each other out there. Building that confidence and trust in each other throughout camp, OTA's, minicamp and in season. Things like that. I think it's more of a trust factor than a confidence factor."

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