The good news is that the Minnesota Vikings clinched a playoff spot with a win over the New York Giants on Sunday night. Now the playoff scenarios are a bit interesting.

Minnesota can enter the NFL Playoffs as a 3rd, 5th, or 6th seed depending on different situations. The Vikings would become the 3rd seed by defeating Green Bay on Sunday Night. With that win, Minnesota would host Seattle no matter the outcome of the Seahawks/Cardinals game.

Yes, that same Seattle team that came to Minnesota on December 6 and throttled the Vikings 38-7.

But what if the Vikings lose? The team would be guaranteed to go on the road, which isn't as scary as previous years as the Vikings are 4-3 when playing on the road, but would face either Washington or Green Bay.

Here is the cheat sheet for the Vikings going into Week 17:

Vikings Win + Seattle Win = 3rd Seed Hosting Seattle.
Vikings Win + Seattle Loss = 3rd Seed Hosting Seattle.

Vikings Loss + Seattle Win = 6th Seed At Green Bay
Vikings Loss + Seattle Loss = 5th Seed At Washington

Minnesota has not defeated any of the other teams on the NFC side of the bracket this season. They have losses to Green Bay, Arizona, and Seattle. They did not play Carolina or Washington.