The Minnesota Vikings picked up an impressive victory yesterday against the Carolina Panthers, but the crowd was much smaller. Now tickets for next Sunday are even cheaper.

The Vikings are playing outdoors for the first time since 1981, and fans are not use to the colder weather. Tickets for last weekends game, with a -7 windchill, ranged from $9 and up (and even dropped for $4 15 minutes prior to the game starting). Next weeks contest against the New York Jets is looking even better if you're planning on scoring some cheap seats.

And that's not "cheap seats" as in the last seats in the nosebleed sections.

There are many tickets on the secondary market right now, and the demand is low. To get in the door, tickets are just $2 each. Those seats will be in the upper level about 20 rows up. Face value for these tickets range from $35 to $60.

For the "higher spenders," tickets right now can be found in the lower level of TCF Bank Stadium for just $9. Yes, $9 to sit 30 rows away from the field, and $13 can get you within 15 rows. Face value of the lower level tickets are $90 each in the corners of the end zones.

The crazy part of this? It's early in the week. If the demand of the tickets doesn't rise, tickets might even go for LESS. We'd be talking pennies at that point.

Enjoy the cheap tickets for now. $2 tickets won't be occurring in the new Vikings Stadium that is set to open in 2016.