The Minnesota Gophers fan base seems to be split on the decision that was made by their AD Norwood Teague to fire Tubby Smith.

They did make the move and now are in search of their next head coach.

The problem does not sit with the fact that the University of Minnesota wont offer whomever a great deal to come coach their team, the problem is that who will be interested in that position.

Now a up and coming coach or assistant may be very interested in the job, but it seems that the Athletic Department and the fan base has too high of expectations.

Names like Shaka Smart of VCU, Buzz Williams of Marquette, Brad Stevens of Butler, Fred Hoiberg ect., are being thrown out as possible replacements. All of those names have better jobs in locations that don't have the unrealistic expectations that apparently Gopher fans are expecting.

Tubby Smith won the most games in the history of the program is his first five years at Minnesota and took them to numerous NCAA Tournament appearances and even won a tournament game this year, yet he lost his job.

The main criticism of Tubby Smith was that he didn't have a better in conference record in the Big 10, but again, that is not fair, because being realistic, the Gophers will not finish in the top 4 in that conference in the foreseeable future.

So after the University and more specifically the athletic department offers the farm to whomever the covet, they will hear the words "No Thanks" quite often before in their minds settling for a more realistic coach such as a up and coming assistant or mid-major coach that fits the mold better than their expectations currently anticipate.