There are plenty of fish in the sea - 7 billion of them, in fact! Why then does it seem like we are all too busy swimming upstream to find love?

Whatever the reason, it’s a little tough for the average fish to swim out and find their soul mate, which can lead to a lot of missed opportunities!

Enter online dating. Websites like and EHarmony are two of the most successful online dating websites out there, but there are thousands of websites available to sign up for, and over 41 million people have!

Online dating allows for a more refined, instant search on your own personal terms with a much wider pool to pull from, which is great. Except, those same reasons also make it much easier to get lost in a sea of CoolJane1986’s and rows of faces.

So how do you put your best foot forward, and just a little bit ahead of all those other feet?

  • 1

    First and foremost, you will need a nice (and recent) picture!

    Nobody wants to wander your profile aimlessly, liking what they see except for your only photo, which is a picture of you at prom in the middle of your grunge phase. To get a click of interest every time you will want your photo to be well-lit, with little distraction, clear angles, and include a little bit of your body as well. Professional and glamour shots look great, but a lot of users blow these off as spam. Unpopular photo styles include bathroom ‘selfies’, making a ‘duck’ face, or partial/complete face obstruction. If you like these styles of pictures, more power to you! Save them for Facebook and Instagram. A clear, recent smiling photograph of you says you know how to handle whatever gets thrown at you, and will encourage people to message.

  • 2

    Include what makes you - You!

    Why, besides your gorgeous face and kicking body, should people notice you? People don’t fall in love with your Bachelor’s degree and manicure alone. Talk about things that make you who you are. Things such as volunteer work, quirky hobbies, sports and more. If you have children or other family that you care for, mention them. If you have pets, great! People enjoy passion, and if you seem passionate and vibrant, they will be sure to gravitate to you quickly!

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    Don’t seem entitled

    Even though you are definitely entitled to the love of your life that treats you well, you may not meet them if you say so immediately. Even Prince (or Princess) Charming would be off put by a laundry list of requirements for coupled bliss. Be humble, and funny. This makes you more likeable, and the language translates better in text where emotional and verbal cues are harder to read. Avoid sarcasm for the same reasons.

  • 4

    Frame it right

    You want your profile to read smoothly, so it can give people a clear idea of who you are. It can be hard to try and structure the building blocks of your life up to display to the world, but putting in the extra effort can be worth it. For example, you want to make topic transitions that make sense. If you are talking about your full time hair-dressing work in one sentence, then your love of gerbil dirt bike races the next it can give any potential suitor whiplash. It is also good to try and think of it as a pyramid. What topics are the biggest parts of my life (The bottom of the pyramid) and what are the smallest (the top of the pyramid)? Talk about it accordingly. Small, top parts might be things like your name, age, and general info. Middle parts might be things like pets, work, and/or hobbies. The big part might be accomplishments, milestones, travel, whatever you feel is relevant. Structuring your information makes it (and you) more memorable, and might earn you a date as a result!

  • 5

    Be Yourself

    I know it’s very tempting to say you have a Master’s in psychic karate and you wrestled 6 bears nude when you were 19, but if you want a real connection you’ve got to give them real info. The biggest things people lie about in the online dating world are Age and Weight. However, if you lie about these things initially, you will have to keep lying or your potential mate might get upset that you lied in the first place. It can get very messy. Besides, you want somebody that loves you for you, all of you! So don’t lie, and don’t settle. If you feel like your identity isn’t being respected, validated or appreciated, kick em’ to the curb.