If you are fishing for walleye on the Missouri River make sure you know your limits starting next month.

The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks is reminding anglers that during the months of July and August, minimum lengths for walleye change, but not everywhere.

The minimum length restriction for walleyes is lifted on Lake Sharpe, Francis Case. The same is true on the Missouri River from the point where the river becomes the border between South Dakota and Nebraska upstream to Fort Randall Dam.

Anglers are only allowed one fish over 20 inches in their daily limits and possession limits remain the same

Lake Oahe has no minimum length restrictions for walleye and the stretch of the Missouri River that defines the South Dakota/Nebraska border, including Lewis and Clark Reservoir, the normal 15 inch minimum walleye length limits will remain in place.

Fishing regulations are available online at the GFP website.