Last night I found myself glued to the television, even after the Broncos/Chargers game. 60 Minutes on CBS managed to get an exclusive interview with Tony Bosch, and members of Major League Baseball in regards to the Alex Rodriguez steroid scandal.

While I watched it, I couldn't help but feel that everyone looks terrible.

We all know that Rodriguez was on the juice. There is no denying that. In an era in which PED/Steroid users have run rampant, who can really blame him though? He partnered with Tony Bosch and they came up with a plan that would cause A-Rod to not test positive on any test that he took. That is a bit slimy, and it does take advantage of the system.

When looking at the MLB drug testing protocol, there appears to be nothing stopping MLB from administering a test prior to the start of a game. During the 60 Minutes interview, it mentioned that they would test A-Rod after games. Why they didn't do that with Rodriguez leaves me to question the methods of MLB. If you don't want players taking full advantage of the system, then why not make it more difficult for players to get around it?

Would a teacher place two students who are known for cheating on tests next to each other? Maybe if that teacher did, they have a plan of giving out two different tests.

This isn't elementary.

MLB has now taken different measures to try and "get" A-Rod. According to the 60 Minutes story, MLB paid a guy named "Bobby" $125,000 for documents detailing the Biogenesis case between A-Rod and Tony Bosch. Following the purchasing of the documents, MLB then cornered Tony Bosch to turn on Rodriguez. A bit slimy of MLB.

As for Tony Bosch, the guy has looked terrible for years. Following last nights interview, it's hard to really know what is the truth, and what isn't. Was he only saying what MLB wanted to hear in regards to A-Rod to try and save himself from a potential lawsuit from MLB? I feel that a lot of truth was let out from Bosch, but I don't know if the entire real story is out there. A lot of questions still remain.

Rodriguez took advantage of the system and has put a black eye on the numbers game. For years, people have studied baseball numbers by position as a hobby, and as a way to enrich the history of baseball. With people like Rodriguez using PEDs/steroids, it has hindered the game even more.

Then again, Major League Baseball wasn't complaining when Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire were smacking home runs in 1998, and brought fans back to the ballpark.

What we know is that this issue is far from over. Rodriguez is now trying to take this to federal court. Whether that happens or not, and after 60 Minutes on CBS last night, it's easy to say that nobody looks like the good guys.