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    Brian Robison

    4:20 PM Brian Robison Minnesota Vikings - Brian Robison is the starting DE for the Minnesota Vikings. After playing his college ball with the Texas Longhorns, Robison was drafted by the Vikings and has been a staple of the defense for years. After a first round playoff exit, Jeff will ask Brian about the season as a whole, his expectations for next year and the remaining teams in the NFL Playoffs.

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    Bruce Pearl

    4:35 PM Bruce Pearl ESPN - Bruce is in his first year as a College Basketball analyst with ESPN. He has spent many years as a coach in the College ranks and most recently at the University of Tennessee.

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    Brad Peterson

    5:05 Brad Peterson ESPN 99.1 - The co-host of the Sports Buffet with Jeff Harkness will join Jeff Thurn for the local round up as he does each and every Monday. They will discuss the local High School Basketball scene including the latest ESPN 99.1/Kelo/KBHB Poll.

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    Anthony Witrado

    6:20 PM Anthony Witrado Sporting News - Anthony is a MLB Writer/Reporter for the Sporting News. He will join Jeff to continue the discussion on last weeks Hall of Fame ballots. They will also discuss the future voting in regards to the "Steroids Era".