No one is more accurate on their NFL Power Rankings than the great Jeff Thurn of ESPN 99.1 out of Sioux Falls, SD.  Its unbelievable, Jeff Thurn’s ability to accurately evaluate the NFL’s elite.

Now that we have that out of the way, I would like to introduce myself to some of you readers who may not know me yet, my name is Jeff Thurn.

Always nice to lead with a joke when you are trying to evaluate the NFL.  We all know if you don’t like the results, wait a week, because everything is Not For Long.

But in all seriousness, I pride myself on evaluations.  I take my power rankings from after week 10 all the way through the Super Bowl. Follow along and feel free to give your feedback.

Here are my latest NFL Power Rankings.

1.  New England Patriots – Its just unbelievable how the New England Patriots always find the right formula each and every season regardless of the ingredients.  Another big win at home against the 2nd best D at the time is a true testament to how dynamic and talented this group is at this point in the season.  The Hoody, Brady and the others are right once again the entire league is on notice!

2.  Green Bay Packers – R E L A X.  All year that is what I’m going to use as a symbol of what the Packers are all about. Last week, in a game that certainly didn't go as the previous two did, but yet the result was the same, a W for the Pack.  It just showed how this team is becoming so balanced.  Lacy was able to rush the football in crucial situations and the defense held up its part of the bargain in the win as well.

3.  Denver Broncos – The Broncos got back on the winning track last week against the Miami Dolphins who are proving they are a solid group as well.  It did take a second half comeback to get the win for the Broncos, but when you have Peyton Manning as your QB, those things become less stressful.  In my opinion, the Broncos must get tougher at the point of attack offensively to make sure in tough situations that they can get those tough yards.  As the weather continues to get colder we'll see if Denver can continue to get hotter.

4. Indianapolis Colts – They played Jacksonville last week, so I don't think we can take much from the victory other than the fact that the Colts did what they were supposed to do and that is win against a sub par opponent.  Major issues for this group is being consistant on the defensive side of the football.  If they don't down the stretch, then only bad things could be on the horizon.

5.  Philadelphia Eagles - With that offense, it doesn't matter if it is Mark "Butt Fumble" Sanchez or Nick Foles running the show, it produces results.  The D will have to stand up in some big games down the stretch, but the tempo that Chip Kelly's offense plays with only can add to the assistance of the D who is usually trying to protect a lead.   Watch out for the Eagles, they are my Super Bowl sleeper pick at this point in the season, even with Sanchez as QB.

Here’s the rest of the Top 15:

6.  San Fransisco 49ers

7. Dallas Cowboys

8.  Seattle Seahawks

9.  Arizona Cardinals

10.  Detroit Lions

11.  Baltimore Ravens

12.  Miami Dolphins

13. Pittsburgh Steelers

14.  Cincinnati Bengals

15. Kansas City Chiefs