This is a list that is pretty interesting. Two British travel writers put together a list of the top 50 places/events to see in the United States. Mt. Rushmore is near the top.

Now this list would be very difficult to piece together based on how Paul Wade and Kathy Arnold went about it in their article of 50 great things to do in America. They grouped together everything from cities, events, and national parks. Also mixed in was the differences of prices in each area.

Based on their rankings, Mount Rushmore is 8th on the list. It tops above Walt Disney World in Florida, attending the Super Bowl, attending the Masters, Las Vegas, and New Orleans just to name a few.

This, of course, is all up to personal opinion. It is nice to see that the two writers from overseas valued Mt. Rushmore as high as they do. But where would you rank it compared to these?

Here are the top 10. Check out their story for the full list.

Great Things to Do in America (U.S. Bucket List):

1. The Grand Canyon, Arizona
2. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
3. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
4. America’s giant, Alaska
5. The Everglades, Florida
6. The National Mall, Washington DC
7. The Statue of Liberty, New York
8. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
9. Walt Disney World: Florida
10. Hollywood, California

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