My Sports Christmas List for My Favorite Teams...

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    My Sports Christmas List

    Every year sports fans around the world wish upon a star and hope that their teams receive gifts of good fortune in the form of Championships, better players and prosperity. This year is no different for me as well.

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    Washington Wizards

    First of all, I know what you are saying... Really Jeff, your favorite team is the Washington Wizards in the NBA? Yes its sadly true. Been a fan since they were the Bullets. However, other than a couple first round exits in the playoffs, we've never been able to make any sort of run in my lifetime. So, I'm not even going to get greedy here. I just want a playoff birth in the next few years. Just one, nothing spectacular, just a first round sweep would do. Please Santa, bring some light to my Wizards.

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    Atlanta Braves

    As a Atlanta Braves fan my whole life, I have been very fortunate to see some very good Braves teams. The great run through the 90's to a great manager in Bobby Cox. However, my favorite Brave of all time is Chipper Jones. It brought tears to my eyes to see him walk away this year and retire after a Hall of Fame career. So going into the 2013 season, I would really like to see Chipper some how, some way give it a go one more time. He still has it, I think the numbers from last year show that and it would be a delight to see him one more year.

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    Pittsburgh Steelers

    As a proud member of the "Steeler Nation", this year was a disappointment. Not making the playoffs certainly was a bummer. The season itself was a roller-coaster, from Roethlisberger's injury to seeing playoff hopes fall by the wayside, it all was a big let down. So in 2013, I want to things Santa. I first want to resign out deep threat in Mike Wallace and secondly lets put together a good enough team to not only make the playoffs, but bring another AFC North Title back to the Steel City!

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    Miami Hurricanes

    College Football is always a great spectacle. But its a even better spectacle when the Miami Hurricanes are good. Love em or hate em, its brings a bit of swag to the College Football landscape. With the pending investigation looming from the NCAA in regards to Miami's "Lack of Institutional Control", I hope that Santa brings light sanctions on my Hurricanes in 2013. With the self imposed bowl bans over the past two seasons, it would be appropriate for that to happen.

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    Chicago Blackhawks


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    Michigan Wolverines

    I have been a big fan of the Michigan Wolverines ever since the days of the "Fab 5". Since then, this years Wolverine team is clearly the most talented. Currently sitting at #2 in the nation, they are my favorite to win the National Championship. But again, not to be greedy, if Santa can just deliver a Final Four appearance, I would certainly be happy!

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