Having been a professional wrestling fan my entire life, it was no surprise that once I saw WWE would be bringing their annual Elimination Chamber pay-per-view to the Target Center in Minneapolis that I would be going. Even with a four hour trip back to Sioux Falls following the show (I'm still trying to recover some sleep), I can easily say it was 100% worth it.

I purchased my row one seats back in December. I knew they would be good, but I didn't know how perfect they would be. My seats? Section 131 row 1....should be directly on the ring.

Jerry Palleschi/ESPN 99.1

It was perfect. This picture was taken about an hour before the show would even begin. With the positioning of the seats, I knew that my group would be on camera every time that the hard camera was on...more on that in a bit.

One of the more interesting parts of attending a live TV show or PPV show is the production behind it. Many people don't realize the amount of work that the WWE puts into their video packages, camera switches, commentary, and the set up of the arena. Speaking of the arena setup, WWE always brings in a huge set for each televised show.

Jerry Palleschi/ESPN 99.1

Then of course is the title of the show: Elimination Chamber. The Elimination Chamber is a cage structure that is used only once a year. It features four pods in the corners of the ring, steel grating on the outside, and a chain linked fence all the way around it. The main event of the show would be contested in the chamber.

Jerry Palleschi/ESPN 99.1

Yes, the structure is massive in person.

As mentioned before, we knew that we were going to be on camera the entire time. It made the show even more fun to be able to show reaction a lot more than other spots in the arena, but it also may have shown why I have a face for radio and not TV. Every PPV they have a kickoff show, here's the match from the kickoff show. Enjoy spotting me having a bit too much fun.