Several NASCAR drivers hit speeds between 212 and 214 mph during tire testing in Indianapolis. Among those was veteran Jeff Gordon who experienced disbelief when his team told him that he had hit 214 mph during his time on the track Tuesday.

Gorden could tell he was fast going around the track at the Brickyard, but did not apparently realize just quite how fast his time was.

'They said 214 and I said, 'My gosh, it really is fast.'''

Fellow veteran driver Mark Martin experienced something similar, taking to Twitter:

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Such high speeds won't be expected during an actual race, which will take place in Indianapolis this coming July. They are, however, a testament to the performance of the new Gen-6 cars, which by most accounts are encouraging.

Gordon reported that he and his team gained some valuable insights while at the track.

source: sports author Shawna O'Reilly