Nate Wolters and his life just changed forever.

He was drafted in the 2013 NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks via trade with the Philadelphia 76ers after a trade with the Washington Wizards.

It wasn't shocking that Wolters didn't get drafted in the 1st Round, but it was disappointing.  In a draft where there isn't any glaring superstars, one would of thought Wolters would of been a first round pick.

However, when you look at this system he was drafted into, he gets the opportunity to showcase his skill set.  That being the ability to get to the basket, play in space and make smart decisions that fit the scheme.

Obviously entering this draft the concerns were with the measurables and his experience against top level talent.

Not playing in a major conference at SDSU, not a major University, the concerns were there from NBA scouts.  In addition, his shooting skills are a bit of a concern, but with the work ethic of Wolters, those concerns may have subsided.

Furthermore, Wolters may benefit from the D-League in year one of his NBA career and fluctuate between the NBA and the D-League.

Now Nate enters the NBA.  A completely differnent landscape than Brookings, SD where he has resided the last 4 years as he devolped his NBA ready game playing for the Jackrabbits.

That means its a business.  Its a job.  But again, with the workman mentality and disciplined nature of Wolters, he will translate well to the next level.

The Milwaukee Bucks got a great person, a hard worker and even more so a smart basketball player.