The 2016 NBA All Star starting lineups will be announced tomorrow night at 7 E.T. on TNT Overtime.

Both teams start the top three in votes from the frontcourt and the top two guards. Chances are that it will once again be a starting lineup of mostly guard or point forward like players.

If that's the case then there will be no post players in the starting lineup. Last year Pau Gasol started for the Eastern Conference, while Marc Gasol and LaMarcus Aldridge started for the Western Conference.

Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond was in a race this year with forward Carmelo Anthony going into the last night of voting but being down 7,030 votes, it's unlikely he'll pass Melo.

With that being said why would it even matter if he starts in front of Melo? Are they actually going to let Drummond or any other big man post up in the All Star game? Probably not. If you've watched any of the last couple of All Star Game's then you've noticed it's a total guards game.

All the perimeter players jack up three pointers and go for the jaw dropping dunks and fade away jumpers. That's what the fans want and that's what they pay big money to see.

The NBA has slowly gotten away from isolating guys in the post. Sure a few teams still dump it down into the big fellas but most of them don't game plan for it. The ball isn't leaving the perimeter players hands nearly as much as it use to.

Take a look around the league and think about how many dominant big men or true post players are left. Most of the guys one would think of as a big man are really stretch fours. Which means they step out and knock down the 15-20 foot mid-range jumpers consistently.

Fans no longer want to see a big man post up and dominate the old school way with a hook shot or up and under. It's boring now.

They want to see Steph Curry dribble between two guys before launching a 40-footer and hitting nothing but net. They want to see Blake Griffin tomahawk over the top of some poor defender.

The NBA All Star Game just proves that the fans have moved on from the low post style of gameplay and want more flashy plays. It's a guard's game now, the flash is what sells tickets now, not just winning.