Nobody wants to be on this list.  But sometimes, things must be done and we're here to highlight the ugliest players of all time in the NBA.

We've created our NBA All-Ugly team by position with two bench players and a head coach.  See who made the cut!

  • Sam Cassell

    Point Guard

    Most would contend that not only does Sam Cassell deserve to be on this list, but that he may go down as the U.O.A.T... (Ugliest Of All Time)

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  • Scottie Pippen

    Shooting Guard

    Scottie just slightly edged out a very ugly Delonte West.  Either way, Pippen may of had the skills to be a #1 guy on most teams during his NBA tenure, but he certainly didn't have the mug to be the "face" of the franchise.

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  • Tyrone Hill

    Small Forward

    Just look at dude's picture.  #Creepy

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  • Popeye Jones

    Power Forward

    Literally, Popeye Jones has eyes popping out and ears for days.  Goofy looking fella who finds himself representing the Power Forwards as the ugliest to play the game.

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  • Joakim Noah


    Nasty on the court and nasty in the mirror.  Like his game, don't like his grill.


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  • Steve Nash


    The reason Steve is on the bench and not in the starting lineup is because when Nash was in his earlier years, the long haired Steve Nash was UGLY.  The new, clean cut Steve Nash is tolerable.

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  • Mike Miller


    South Dakota's most noticeable athlete for numerous reasons.  The main one being his game and his 2 NBA Championship Rings.  The other, is his face.

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  • Stan Van Gundy

    Head Coach

    Stan Van Gundy, or Stan Van Jeremy like I prefer to call him, takes the cake as the NBA All-Ugly Team's Head Coach.

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