The NBA D-League is going to take a page out of the NFL book and allow coaches to challenge different calls throughout the season.

NBA D-League Digest reporter Gino Pilato says the league is looking to experiment with coaching challenges.

"According to sources, coaches will receive one challenge in regulation, if the challenge is successful the team will be allowed an additional challenge with a maximum of two challenges. Teams will also be granted one challenge in each overtime period, and if successful will be issued another challenge, once again with a maximum of two challenges. It is also important to note that there will be no carry-over of any unused challenge."

Interesting to note that the set up is almost identical to the NFL. The NFL allows two challenges per game, and a extra challenge if both are used successfully.

"Furthermore, coaches will need to call a timeout (full or 30-second) to challenge then “twirl their finger” to indicate the challenge. Plays that can be challenged include personal fouls, but not flopping calls. Technical fouls can’t be challenged as well."

Based on these rules, the NBA would charge a timeout regardless if the challenge is successful or not. This would be different from the NFL rule, but the NBA also has more timeouts per game and per team.

The NBA D-League has been used in previous years for experiments on rules before they have been implemented into the NBA.