NBA Developmental League President Malcom Turner joins Jeff Thurn on Thursday's edition of Overtime. To hear Turner's conversation with Thurn, listen below:

How long until there will be until an NBADL team has a single affiliation with an NBA team? 

"What I would say is we are going to make haste slowly. What I mean about that is there is no doubt about it that there are growth opportunities out there. Quite frankly we have more demand than we could fulfill right now. But on the flip side of that, and while we are excited about that, and we will continue to purse that and capitalize on that, we want to make sure we are growing into the right markets. With the right ownership groups. Building healthy markets at the team level because again, healthy teams make a healthy league. That's one of the things and are taking a very hard look at first quarter and first half of this year. Really build out a more definitive expansion plan for the D-League. Along with timing to do so. But we are in no rush. We want to make sure we grow in a thoughtful way and we are excited for that growth. We know the opportunity is there, but we have yet to set time. I think there will be more to say on that later this year."

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