Incumbent Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard holds a 24-point lead over Democratic challenger Susan Wismer in the Nielson Brothers Polling/Northern Plains News poll conducted in late July.

Governor Daugaard led State Senator Wismer 52.9 percent to 28.5 percent, with independent Mike Myers at 6.8 percent and “undecided” at 11.8 percent.

Nielson Brothers Polling polled 572 South Dakota likely voters on this question, from July 23-28. The margin of error for the poll is 4.07 percent.

NPN graphic used with permission.

The poll asked respondents to indicate on their phone dial pad their answer to the survey question: “If the election were held today would you vote for Republican Dennis Daugaard, Democrat Susan Wismer or Independent Mike Myers?”

The NBP/NPN poll also asked respondents about Wismer’s favorability and name recognition.
NPN graphic.
Over 17 percent (17.1) had a “favorable” response to Wismer, with 20.6 percent “unfavorable” and 11.1 percent “undecided.” Over half of the respondents (51.1 percent) did not know Wismer’s name.

Among Democrats, Wismer had a 30.1 percent “favorable” response, with 16 percent “unfavorable” and 13.1 percent “undecided.” Just over 40 percent (40.8) of Democrats did not recognize Wismer’s name.

“A large percentage of Democratic voters seem to be waiting before supporting Democratic challenger Susan Wismer, perhaps because of low name recognition,” said NBP partner Paul Nielson. Only 55.8 percent of Democrats say they will vote for Wismer, compared with 77.4 percent of Republicans that say they will vote for Dennis Daugaard.”

As to Republicans, Wismer had an 8.2 percent “favorable” response, with 23.7 percent “unfavorable” and 11.6 percent “undecided.” Over half of the Republicans (56.5) had not heard of Wismer.

For independents or those registered to other parties, Wismer had a 15.7 percent “favorable” response, with 23.6 percent “unfavorable” and only 3.2 percent undecided. Over 57 percent (57.6) had never heard of Wismer.

The NBP poll did not ask respondents about Daugaard’s or Myer’s favorability or name recognition. However, the poll does ask about Governor Daugaard’s job performance. 64.5 percent say they approve of Daugaard’s job performance (30.4 “strongly approve,” 34.1 “somewhat approve.”) While 19.3 percent “somewhat disapprove,” 16.2 percent “strongly disapprove.”

With regard to party support, Independent Mike Myers pulls support from both parties, as 6.7 percent of Democrats say they will vote for him, 4.9 percent of Republicans, and 15.7 percent of Independents.

Questions, response numbers (Percent), and margins of error (MOE)

How do you rate the job done by Governor Dennis Daugaard?

607 responses; 3.95 % MOE, Answers: Strongly Approve: 30.4
Somewhat Approve: 34.1
Somewhat Disapprove: 19.3
Strongly Disapprove: 16.2

Susan Wismer: If you have a favorable opinion press one. If unfavorable press two.

579 responses; 4.04 % MOE, Answers: Favorable: 17.1
Unfavorable: 20.6
Do not know the name: 51.1
Undecided: 11.1
For South Dakota Governor would you vote for Republican Dennis Daugaard, Democrat Susan Wismer or Independent Mike Myers?

572 responses; 4.07 % MOE, Answers: Daugaard 52.9
Wismer: 28.5
Myers: 6.8
Undecided: 11.8

This NBP statewide survey of likely voters was conducted from July 23-28, 2014.

The schedule for the release of additional polling results from Nielson Brothers Polling and Northern Plains News:

Wednesday: South Dakota U.S. House race.

Thursday: South Dakota Ballot Issues.

Friday: South Dakota politicians’ job performance.

Saturday: Direction of country and state, impact politicians taking positions on same marriage and universal firearm registration.