The NCAA took another big hit to their wallets late Monday night as a federal magistrate judge ordered the NCAA to pay nearly $46 million to the attorneys of Ed O’Bannon.

Just when the NCAA thought the pain was over, reality came with a swift kick to where it counts, the check books.

Right now the only thing that the NCAA can hold on to is the hope that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will grant a successful appeal of the case which would potentially remove all of those hefty fees. At this juncture however, not even the strongest of wishes are likely to sway the vote back in the NCAA’s favor, especially with this most recent ruling.

Today’s world is ever changing and there’s no doubt about it, change is the name of the game and equality is the word of the year.

While created with good intentions, the NCAA has long since failed to fulfill its true purpose which is to help the student athletes and be on their side.

As of late, they have acted more like money hungry child star actor parents than a supportive organization. The leaders of the NCAA have long forgotten that without the student athletes, the organization would not even exist.

They should really take a page from the customer service industry handbook and know that “the customer is ALWAYS right”. These athletes are asked to risk their bodies year in and year out for their sport, all in the name of entertainment and yet when they need help the most, the NCAA has not been there.

So for those who are still strong supporters of the NCAA and their stance take a deeper look into the treatment of the players and the benefit they provide the NCAA but not themselves. As for the finances of the NCAA it’s safe to say they’ll still fair out pretty well and why wouldn’t they after taking in around $1 billion this last fiscal year.

It’s time for change and it appears like the only way to convince the NCAA of that is through their most prized possession, their wallets.