Howe Electricians are experienced in all aspects of the electrical field and no problem is too big or too small!  Read on for a list and description of services and offers.


Residential: If you need electrical work inside or outside of your home…if you're remodeling, or building new, or just need to replace an outlet, call them: (605) 368-5467

Business: Of course Howe Electric does a lot of commercial new and remodeling electrical work, but good service is just as important!  So if you own a business or a restaurant, and need an electrician to replace an Electrical Breaker box, fix your lights or a piece of equipment- if you have a broken underground wire, or have a high or low voltage situation - they can handle that. A power loss, a fire, and other electrical failures can bring your business to a halt. Call them…they're there to service your emergencies 24/7! They'll tackle the tough jobs and sweat the details so you can rest easy.

Outside Lighting: If you have outside lighting or parking lot issues, they have the Bucket Trucks (Up to 50"), and equipment to remedy the problem. Or if needed, they can install new pole lights and concrete bases for you.

Pickle Nickel On Time Guarantee

As you know, if you run a business there's lots of surprises that can interrupt your day…and your bottom line. Ask them about their Pickle Nickel On Time Guarantee. We know that your time is important, so when you're in a pickle, you won't spend a nickel on your first hour if they don't show up when they say they will!

Perfection Warranty

If they have to come back to fix the same thing twice within two years, they'll fix it at no charge.