Our fantasy basketball dreams are coming true tonight as we get to watch some of our favorite basketball players over the last 20 years get on the court again for the new "Big 3 League".

Ice Cube's wonderful creation finally hits the court tonight on FS1.

Players in the league include Allen Iverson, Charles Oakley, Kenyon Martin, Mike Bibby, Al Harrington, Chauncey Billups and many more.

Not only do we get to see some of our favorite players from the past, we get to see what a game looks like with a "4 point play".  That's right, there is a spot on the court where a shooter can knock down a 4 point shot.

All of the NBA not named Golden State is happy that isn't going to be making its way to a NBA court anytime soon.

The inaugural year to any business venture is sure to bring some ups and downs and for the fans sake, I just hope there are more ups than downs so that this can become a summer tradition for years to come.

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