The talk of the town has been tickets. Tickets to big name shows at the new Denny Sanford Premier Center. I can't get them, their too expensive. It's tough. I get that. But I have to scratch my head when certain decisions are made. Just look at this and form your own opinion.

The following is a Facebook feed from two of Country Musics biggest fans. Janelle and Kayla. They have been to more concerts, bought more tickets than most people. Their questions and concern are legit.  Follow along on the conversation.

From what I am hearing, many happy Kenny Chesney ticket buyers for his Sioux Falls show. To that, I say "Yayyy!!" I did not buy tickets, did not try to buy tickets but need to voice what I just heard on KELOland's news at noon. All ticket buyers in line at the box office walked away with tickets in hand. Then they went on to report "The KELO box office started selling tickets a few minutes early for those standing in line so they could have a jump start before on-line tickets went up." NOTHING about that is ok. I tell you, had I tried unsuccessfully to get tickets then heard that report, someone would have gotten an earful from me!

Then, Kayla chimed in with a good point.

Kayla Belle Obeslo I wasn't able to pull anything up right away on TM. Now I can pull up THEIR "resale" options...and two tickets are going for $7,584.63 each. The same tickets I pulled and purchased through his fan club (just section B vs. A). That being said, even though releasing them early is not cool. If it came down to it though, I would prefer tickets going in the hands of actual people, who are more likely to go to the show if they waited in line for tickets for 12 hours.

But wait. There's more. You can't make this stuff up.


So, you're wondering what Janelle thought of that idea:


Yeah, you probably can't be doing that. I get trying to help people who are standing in line for hours.

It's a process. It's growing pains. I remember living in Green Bay and how difficult it was to get tickets to a regular season Packer game. I tried, and was unable to get tickets to the show myself. That's OK though. I know there will be another show coming to town and I'll try again.

Like I said, these two have been to more concerts that you can imagine. Thanks to Janelle for letting me put this on our site. I guess it's more fuel for the fire.

Tickets to The Denny are hot items right now. I don't expect any of that to quite down any time soon. Friday's example should keep the conversation going for another week or two.