A high school football season in New Jersey has come to an end following allegations of harassment against the team.

On Monday, Sayreville High School officials canceled the remainder of the season following allegations of harassment, bullying, and intimidation. Some of the issues are even, at this point, being criminally investigated.

Superintended Rich Labbe told the Home News Tribune that the students would have to start taking responsibility for their actions.

"I believe with every fiber of my body that the only way we are going to stop bullying is if we get the kids to go to an adult or to the authorities." - Labbe to Home News Tribune

I applaud Labbe for deciding to pull the rest of the season from the students. There is no reason for kids to experience any harassment in terms of the team. With the inclusion of evidence potentially being used in criminal court, there was only one move that could have been made. He's taken the one aspect all the kids had in common together: football.

The team has been very successful over the past few years on the football field, winning three titles in four. Because of the issues, Sayreville won't have the opportunity to make it four of five. Instead, the team as a whole has a whole new evaluation to deal with.

No championship is worth the amount of harassment or bullying that is going on within the team. Sayreville has proved that.