Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints had been in negotiations throughout the offseason without prevail but today both sides agreed upon a five-year extension. However, the deal has interesting stipulations according to ESPN sources.

After the 2017 season, New Orleans has the option to terminate the remainder of the contract to protect themselves from having to paying an unproductive Brees. In return, Brees wanted to collect the money he deserves for his fantastic career thus far. So he will receive a guaranteed $20 million this season and $24.25 million next season.

This is one of the best contracts that I've ever seen in the NFL up to this point. Both sides get what they want but I really like the fact that the Saints get a chance to terminate after the 2017 season if Brees is unproductive at the age of 39.

Now that New Orleans has taken this approach, don't be surprised if other ball clubs follow in their footsteps to protect themselves from aging players. Yeah teams pay a lot upfront but nothing is worse than having an unproductive player collecting the king's ransom.

At least New Orleans can make sure he doesn't under up like Jay Cutler or Colin Kaepernick or Dwayne Bowe or their own Jairus Byrd.