A new website recently launched for something called The Survivor 2299, and some deep digging alludes to a possible next-gen Fallout announcement coming soon.

As CVG pointed out, The Survivor 2299 is registered by Bethesda's parent company Zenimax, fueling the fire this is somehow hinting at a Fallout 4 reveal. For now, the only thing on the site is a countdown clock, which as luck would have it, runs out on Dec. 10. That's a Tuesday, which wouldn't be out of the question for an announcement. It also happens to be right around the time the VGAs (now called VGX) typically air, and show off new trailers for upcoming titles.

However, deeper digging over on Reddit seems to indicate the site may not be legit. The current domain was registered under GoDaddy, but Bethesda typically used CorporateDomains in the past for official sites. The IP is also a point of contention, as it reportedly comes from Poland, and not Bethesda's home state of Maryland.

Will The Survivor 2299 turn out to be anything more than a fan-related project? We likely won't find out for at least a few weeks. Hopefully it's the real deal though, as a new Fallout on next-gen consoles is something we can totally get behind.