Look familiar? If you're a Settlers of Cattan fan, then those hexagons will either have you excited or ticked off. But you shouldn't be annoyed at this "homage" to Cattan. As a hex-based strategy board game, New World Colony offers you a simpler, more streamlined experience than the official Cattan game does. Plus, you can get it for free! That's why New World Colony is Today's Free App of the Day!

In New World Colony, there are trade-offs for every action, and victory will come not through lucky dice rolls but from developing a robust strategy and anticipating your opponents. It's simple to learn, but the more you play the more strategic depth you will discover.

New World Colony includes three levels of computer AI, multiple game modes, a map editor, and local and online multiplayer for a huge amount of replayability.

Download yourself a copy of New World Colony today for your iPhone and iPad!