The one guarantee that everyone will get with the NFL Draft each year is a massive amount of priceless reactions. Here are some of the best reactions of all time.

5) The Jaguars Draft a Punter! (Bryan Anger - 3rd Round, 70th Overall, 2012)

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been in need of major help the past few years to rebuild the team. When they we're on the clock in the 3rd round of the 2012 Draft, the Jags apparently figured they had everything set to where they could draft a Punter.

Bryan Anger was selected out of California. Going just a few picks after him was Super Bowl winning QB Russell Wilson (75th overall).

The reaction of Rich Eisen of NFL Network was priceless once the pick was announced.

4) The Jets Fans Don't Boo a Pick for Once...and They Got Their QB of the Future...or something (Mark Sanchez - 1st Round, 5th Overall, 2009)

The New York Jets are among the most interesting teams to watch in the Draft, just for the main reason being the fans. Jets fans pack Radio City Music Hall each year to essentially boo every selection that they ever make.

But in 2009, they rejoiced when the team traded with Cleveland to take USC Quarterback Mark Sanchez! You would have thought that the Jets won the Super Bowl.

The Mark Sanchez era has already come to an end. A good amount of those fans that went crazy were the first to walk him right out the door.

3) Philadelphia Hates Santa. They Also Hate Donovan McNabb. (1st Round, 2nd Overall, 1999)

Three straight QBs were taken in the 1999 NFL Draft, and the Eagles were the only team to get a future Pro Bowl guy. Too bad that on that day, the Philly faithful decided that they hated the idea of picking McNabb.

The reaction in Radio City Music Hall was great. I wonder if they would take it back if they could....Nah, I doubt it.

 2) The Vikings Ponder a QB (Christian Ponder - 1st Round, 12th Overall, 2011)

When you make a pick and it leaves Mel Kiper Jr. speechless, you know something is up. Jon Gruden did all he could to try and move it to a positive.

I remember doing a draft show in Vermillion and screaming "YOU COULD HAVE GOT HIM LATER!"

That's how a lot of people felt about Christian Ponder being drafted by the Vikings at pick 12. It didn't come off as a lot of people "hating" it more than just confused as to why it happened so early.

As of now, the Ponder era is just one nail in the coffin away from being complete. That could happen tonight.

1) The Miami Dolphins Get A Buckeye (Ted Ginn Jr - 1st Round, 9th Overall, 2007)

This is by far the best reaction fan reaction there is. The Miami Dolphins fans were sitting back at the draft party PUMPED that they will have the opportunity to take Brady Quinn. Of course, at the time, the fans thought Quinn was the last piece to the puzzle.

The organization though had another direction they wanted to go. They decided to go in the direction of Ted Ginn Jr. much to the hatred of their fans. The fans had a complete meltdown at the draft part. Complete meltdown.

And Just for Fun. Draft Blunders of the New York Jets

Every year prior to the NFL Draft, I always go back and watch this compilation video of some of the New York Jets picks over the years. Enjoy.

Enjoy the madness tonight, and let's hope for some great reactions.