It's rare that a player in the NFL is fined more than he makes in a game but that is what happened last week to New Orleans Saints DT David Onyemata.

Onyemata was flagged for two roughing the passer penalties in week 1 against the Buccaneers in a loss.

The fine from the NFL... $40,108.

That fine amount exceeds his game check of $37,059.

He doesn't have to give up his entire check though as per the collective bargaining agreement, a player can appeal his fine if it exceeds 25% of his weekly check or 50% of his weekly check if he is fined for multiple violations.

There were numerous players in the National Football League who were fined for roughing the passer in week 1, which results in a $20,054.

The Saints look to get their first win of the season this week as they host the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.