Here are my latest power rankings for the NFL.



  • 1

    Denver Broncos (7-1)

    The Broncos must improve their vertical passing attack, but other than that, I believe they still have the best offense in the league.  Not to mention the best team in the league.

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  • 2

    New Orleans Saints (6-1)

    The Saints of this year may be better than the Saints who won the Super Bowl back in 2009.  The defense is better, Brees is better if you can believe that and with Sean Peyton back on the sidelines, the Saints are the cream of the crop in the NFC right now.

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  • 3

    Kansas City Chiefs (8-0)

    This is where it starts to get difficult.  A undefeated Chiefs team that doesn't have flare and flash and who hasn't played a difficult schedule.  One of these weeks we might start buying in that they are #1, but not this week.

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  • 4

    San Fransisco 49ers (6-2)

    We realized they played the winless Jags, but overall, each week, the 49ers are getting better.  A team that really doesn't have the national spot light yet, if they keep winning it will be shining brighter than ever.

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  • 5

    Seattle Seahawks (7-1)

    Seattle fell this week in our power rankings. The reason being their play vs. a very bad Rams team on Monday Night Football. Barely getting past the Rams shows there are some weaknesses on this team and specifically offensively. Must improve scoring to win a Super Bowl.

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  • 6

    Indianapolis Colts (6-2)

    A dinged up team that just keeps on winning.  The Colts will go as far as the replacements and Luck takes them.

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  • 7

    Cincinnati Bengals (5-2)

    The Bengals keep winning and holding their ground.  One of the more consistent teams in the NFL.

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  • 8

    Green Bay Packers (5-2)

    Rodgers is playing great as always and its impressive because look at the supporting cast, not a lot to work with in my opinion.  Eddy Lacy and his influence on this roster can't be overlooked.  Big win vs. a division foe and in a convincing fashion has GB moving up.

  • 9

    New England Patriots (6-2)

    The Pats have not been the Pats of old.  New England has never made a habit of playing down to their competition, but they have this season.  Losing to the Jets two weeks ago and then turning up the pace in the 2nd half to narrowly get by the Dolphins, I think NE is good, not great.

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  • 10

    Detroit Lions (5-3)

    The team that was previously in the #10 spot gets replaced by the team that beat them last Sunday.  What a ending to a good game between the Lions and Cowboys with the Lions on the right side.  If the Lions D can hold up, the Lions could really start to surprise some people down the stretch.