We've all had moments and done things we'd like to forget. For NFL referee Pete Morelli, one of those stomach-churning moments happened Sunday during the Buffalo Bills-New England Patriots AFC East clash.

During a third-quarter timeout, Morelli forgot to turn his stadium microphone off.

(Warning: NSFW language)

All 68,000+ people in attendance could hear what Morelli said. Viewers on television didn't hear the incident because the broadcast was at commercial break.

My guess is the majority of readers have used this four-letter "s-word" before, but not many can say they've used it in a stadium packed with 68,000 fans.

The NFL is concerned with its image as an organization and business, so I imagine Morelli will receive some sort of fine for this infraction. I have no problem with fining Morelli, although I guarantee "young ears" at Gillette Stadium heard worse during the Bills' 16-0 victory over New England.

As a lesson for the rest of us, be cognizant of what you say and who is around when you say it. If Morelli wants to use profanity during his downtime with friends and family, he has the right to do so. But cursing on a microphone in a packed NFL stadium doesn't look good.

My advice for radio and television personalities: never speak off the cuff unless you're certain the microphone is off.

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