The saga between the NHL and its Players Association continues again today.

The NHL's labor standoff has taken a new direction, with the NHL’s Union and NHL itself agreeing to meet with a mediator.

Really? Does anyone care at this point?

I sure don’t and even the diehard NHL fans are starting to feel that way too.

Talking to three different sets of season ticket holders in three different markets over the past few days, they all shared the same sentiment. They want this season to be done and move on to hopefully having hockey in 2013-2014.

In addition all three of those individuals were not only frustrated with the league, but frustrated with the players as well, because in their minds there is enough blame to go around.

I personally tend to side more with the players in this labor dispute, but no matter what my feeling are in regards to that matter, the fact that a sport who clearly is #4 in the four major sports in America is not playing, is a flat out joke!

We’ve been through this before with the NHL and it took them years to regain some momentum with TV Networks, their fans and cities in which their teams are housed.

Furthermore, the arrogance of the NHL brass is more astonishing every single day.
To think that you will just recover like the NBA and NFL who have also had recent disputes is absurd.

The NFL is the #1 sport state side and the NBA is clearly #2. They have the ability and fan base to recover quickly, the NHL does not share the same relevance within the sports spectrum.

I have said it numerous times on my show “Overtime” that I hope the NHL loses a lot of money, a lot of fans and that they don’t regain them this time.

I enjoy the NHL and enjoy going to games, but at this pace they are going to alienate me too, just as they have to a large percentage of their fan base.

So do us all a favor NHL, please cancel the season now, quit the posturing and move towards coming up with an agreement that puts you back on the ice in the 2013-2014 season, so you can at least salvage some of your market share in the sports spectrum and not lose all your fans.