This week, I am spending my time at the 2013 NBADL Showcase from Reno, NV.

We have been broadcasting Overtime from the Reno Events Center, the host site of the event and have had the ability to meet with a lot of great guests, get some good interviews and experience a new side to the professional ranks of the basketball.

As big a fan as I am of the NBA and the NBADL, this experience has been eye opening to me.

Looking at the professional basketball scene, here are a few notes that I have taken the last couple days.

1. When you think of the NBADL you think semi-pro basketball, or at least that is what the masses think. However, although these individuals aren't in the "League", they are as close as anyone in the world. I would classify overseas basketball as "Semi-Pro" ball while the NBADL is truly a pro's league. With all the NBADL players that actually have NBA experience, it is clear that these guys are the best of the best in the world.

2. It’s not all glitz and glam even for those going back and forth from the NBA to the NBADL. Obviously when you have designated salaries of around 25k for the top players in the D-League, it’s not going to be always a glamorous league. Yes, some of them have made a good salary in the NBA and when they go up to the league they get the league minimum which is a around 1k per day, the money factor certainly plays a big part in the everyday aspect of this league.

3. Some players just don’t have the mental capacity to ever make the NBA. It’s interesting when you talk to scouts, coaches and GM's in regards to certain players. Some guys according to them are never going to make it, yet they have a spot in the D-League for the simple fact that roster space needs to be filled. Furthermore, its evident as far as which guys those are. For example, there are guys that will continue to argue with their own teammates or not run the correct play repeatedly throughout multiple games showing their lack of knowledge or lack of commitment.

4. Coaches, Players, Refs and Front Office Personnel are all using the D-League as a stepping stone to the next level. The showcase is a nice opportunity for everyone to network.

5. I get a sense that there is somewhat of a pessimistic attitude from some coaches and scouts towards certain players that are "Wasting Talent" according to some of them in the sense that they get tired of seeing guys with tremendous god given talent waste years of their career not understanding what it takes to make things work in their favor.

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