Just a couple of days ago, Pro Football Talk released an article detailing how the Adrian Peterson in Minnesota days might pan out. It immediately made a lot of Vikings fans uneasy about the situation.

Don't fear, Peterson isn't going anywhere for at least a couple years.

Mike Florio of PFT pointed out that Peterson is expected to receive base salaries of $11.75 million in 2014, $12.75 million in 2015, 14.75 million in 2016, and $15.75 million in 2017. With those numbers, Florio made it aware that the days of having a star running back is, at this point in the NFL, over and gave the opportunity cost of having a franchise back.

He's not wrong. The league is ran right now by the quarterbacks. Will it ever go back to the point of running backs having a strong influence in the game? Sure, it might circle back. By the time it gets there though, will A.D. still be running wild? That we have to wait and see.

It's not a matter of thinking that Peterson won't have it in the tank within the next few years. It actually all boils down to whether Peterson wants to remain in Minnesota when the dreaded restructure conversation pops up.

I think we all are anticipating that the Vikings will want to do that within the next few years with the way the league has evolved. If Peterson holds for the money he is due to make, would the Vikings take the chance to let him go? If they do, immediate backlash will be brought to them by the fan base. Unless someone else is there to generate the ticket buzz for the team, I don't anticipate them wanting to rush him out the door.

There's no need to worry as of right now about Peterson leaving. The Vikings need him to help sell TCF Bank for the next two years. The team will want season ticket holders to purchase the Personal Seat Licenses as well, leaving even more importance of having a star on the team.

The NFL Draft is on the horizon. In terms of players, I'm anticipating that the Vikings actually go defense if the right QB isn't available at pick eight. A guy like Khalil Mack or CJ Mosley could make an immediate impact on a depleted defense from last year. I could easily see the Vikings grabbing a QB at the tail end of the first round if they decide to trade up, or wait until their pick in the second round. In the later rounds of the NFL Draft, I'm expecting that the Vikings will take a running back that will complement and back-up Peterson.

None of those guys would generate enough of the buzz to sell thousands of dollars worth of PSLs. Whatever the combination of players becomes on Thursday night, the one constant for the Vikings is Peterson.

And that's why he won't be going anywhere SOON.

In a couple of years? We'll see where that restructure talk goes. For now, it's just time to relax.