Notre Dame is doing everything they can to prove that they are the worst FBS Independent football program of 2016.

There are four FBS Independent football programs in the country, Army, BYU, UMass and Notre Dame.

Army is 4-2, BYU is 4-3, while Notre Dame is 2-5 and is slightly ahead of UMass at 1-6 amongst the FBS Independents.

Transparency clearly shows that the Irish have played a tough schedule, but at times they have look mismatched and certainly out coached.

The wild but unfortunate ride this season has consisted of losses that are just puzzling.

Not one single loss is looked at as a good loss.  All the teams that have beat Notre Dame have had either sub par years or were sub par opponennts.

Plus, the defense has been terrible prompting the firing of their defensive coordinator mid season and a flip flop at QB multiple times prompting angst from the fan base as well.

Notre Dame will have to win four of its last five games in order to even become bowl eligible with games against Miami, Navy, Army, Virginia Tech and USC left to go.

Don't expect the bowl eligibility and expect Brian Kelly to be on the hot seat come seasons end.