When Sioux Falls do-it-yourselfers are looking to get out - get out of the house, get out a rut or just plain get out, they head to Oak Ridge Nursery and Landscaping in Brandon for a little outdoor inspiration.

According to Annette of Oak Ridge Nursery, those are just the people they are looking for!

"Even though we do a lot of landscaping projects around the area during the summer months, we also work with those who would rather do it themselves. They know they can come to us for advice, and know we’ll sell them a product that’s grown specifically for this part of the country."

And for Oak Ridge, the people are the best thing about being in business in the Sioux Empire.

"We know our customers, and they know us," said Annete. "Definitely the people."

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The local connection began even before Oak Ridge started. Founder Mike Coughlin studied landscape design and horticulture at South Dakota State University, where he met his future wife Robyn.

"After graduating and getting married, they decided to open their own nursery and landscaping business," explained Annette. "Thankfully, the local banker could also see their vision and decided to back them and their idea."

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Today, Oak Ridge Nursery is more than just a place to get plants. In addition to providing everything you need to make the outside of the house stand out, they provide a variety of unique indoor decor as well. And if that isn't enough, they also have a selection of South Dakota wines. That's something you don't see at your local box store plant warehouse.

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Still, according to Annette, the primary reason people come to Oak Ridge is for their variety of trees, shrubs and perennials. After all, their motto is 'specialists in outdoor living.'

However, if you asked Annette one popular item that people come looking for that surprises her, she wouldn't hesitate.

"Succulents, the plants that don’t need much water. We never anticipated them to be such a big seller."

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Succulents. Desert plants. In South Dakota. I would say you never know, but apparently Oak Ridge does know.

Despite their success, Annette says they aren't looking to expand beyond the Sioux Empire.

"We’re always looking to expand – on site. Being a family business, we’re pretty well established in Brandon."

The one thing they would like to do (or at least do better) is keep up with social media better. Or as Annette explains, "make sure you have someone in the office who’s up on the latest and greatest."

If she had one piece of advice for those looking to launch a small business of their own, Annette paraphrases one of the world's biggest shoe companies. "Do it. Don’t be afraid to go out on your own. It’s hard, but it’s also rewarding."

On a side note, when you stop by to visit, watch your step. You never know when a little fuzzy thing may make its presence felt.

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Oak Ridge Nursery and Landscaping, Inc.
"Specialists in Outdoor Living Environments"
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Brandon, South Dakota 57005
(605) 582-6565
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